Section 125 & Retirement Planning Services

Pathway Financial Solutions is a full service branch office of Topeka based OFG Financial Services, Inc.

John and Kelli Webb started working with school districts in 1992 providing comprehensive Sec. 125 benefits and retirement planning services to thousands of public school employees.

In 2014 Jordan Webb joined our organization, then Eddie Balluch in 2016, and Brad Veenendaal in 2021. Kelli Webb retired in 2022, but still acts as a consultant to our team. Our growth over the years has allowed us to further expand our service capabilities.

In addition to these five financial professionals, we have additional customer service support with Donella Hughes, Administrative Assistant, who has been with us for more than 15 years, Amy Zeigler, Client Services Specialist, who joined our firm in 2023, and Christie Jurgensmeier, who joined our firm in 2024. We also have a dedicated Section 125 specialist, Meggy Darcy, who joined our firm in 2022 and is leading our office in individual insurance solutions.

Our branch office currently services Sec. 125 and voluntary 403(b) plans in over 30 school districts. We also service employer matching 403(b) plans, employer prefunded 403(b) plans, and employer post retirement funding 403(b) plans in over 20 school districts.

We strive to contribute to Kansas through our memberships in various organizations, and through volunteering in our community, churches, and schools.

Please contact us at or (785) 820-8161